DnD October 25, 2020

Fred McCruffin – Best Source of Info in town.

Sitting in the main room, deep in converation with Gehanna , when a blue haired, gold eyed Tiefling walks up.

“A lifetime of Sin- how about you?”


Oh My god, this overwhelming darkness is going to be too much. I reach in my pocket and fondle the cornelian in my pocket for reassurance.

Jeremiah seems to have noticed a new halfling who has walked into the room, heading for Fred’s table. They have some interchange

Shout out to the halfling, but they did not seem to understand. The bard is loud tonight, so I head over to the halfling

Jeremiah comes out dragging his chair over to the halfling.

“Excuse me-do you need some help”

Very large booming storms booming overhead. The last time there was a storm like this, ghouls tried to take over my body. Maybe if I ignore it this time, it will just pass over us.

Festival Music, Dancers, Juggling Apples.

Saren – seems excited about dangers and adventures. Strange small creature.

Jeremiah brings her food and drink in his containers. Traps and cooks food.

Door bursts open, last of air, flash of lightning illuminates the room.

Large guy, big eyes with mechanical looking eyes. White scarf blowing behind him, dripping wet.

Long flowing hair across his shoulders, walks over to the bar and hollers for Beth to bring him some grub. “It has been an awful day”. He sits down next to Snorc, so I decide to let him run interference.

Bag of coin hits the bar for Beth, she grabs the purse and runs off with it.

I carry the halfling stool over to the table where the Tieflings sit and pull her to the table.

Dirgible flyer talking to Snorc at the bar.

Jeremiah runs out and hugs the newcomer, as

Captain Mike- been in Gildor all his life.

Rescued Jeremiah from the swamps in the south.

Magic tricks with coin, pulls it from behind his ear. Tosses coin and Jeremiah takes off after it.

Gildor – continent. Message from Terrace to Griffin. 7 nations on the continent of Gildor.

Patrick has passed away. made wealth and kept saying he found something in the dark.

20 some miles from Poco’s place.

Poco’s wife makes the best pies – he digs into his stew.

Room explodes into red and green, and mage stes forward- spheres dancing above his head. Glittery robes

Travelling people who got ran out of Terrace for non-payment of taxes. Magistrate was not happy there.

Player Notes: Two new characters joining in:

Ashley Burns a Lot – Tiefling.

Saren – Halfling.

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