Paralyzed by potential

Some days my maker mind tinkers and experiments freely, and other days it just gets paralyzed by the potentials. About 6 weeks ago, I was cleaning up drawers in my shop and found an old clay mold that I had not used in forever. I decided to see how the matte silicon mold would work with resin, and used a copper pigment just for kicks.

They came out so much better than I thought they would… I was very excited and then became paralyzed by the potentials.

Do I do a quick and dirty glue on some magnets and turn them into quirky fridge magnets?

Do I play with paints and stains and make then look verdigris?

Do I turn them in jewelry? Hair pins? Bookmarks?

Do I add actual metal, mounting them and turning them into more serious pieces? Accent with stone? Glass?


And instead, they sit here on my workbench….staring at me balefully, waiting for me to Just. Make. Something.

What would you do with these clever experimental results??

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